5 Reasons YOU NEED TO Try adidas ULTRABOOST If You Haven't!

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So many of you heard “boost is life”, and you may have tried to by a different model of boost since it was on sale, but might have not given the Ultra Boost a try yet… here are 5 reasons why I think you should reconsider.

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5 Reasons you need to Try the Adidas Ultra Boost If You Haven’t

So many of you heard “boost is life”, and you may have tried to by a different model of boost since it was on sale, but might have not given the Ultra Boost a try yet… here are 5 reasons why I think you should reconsider:
5 Style. This modern runner has a simplistic design with a 1 piece upper, midsole and sole. Because of the simple design however this is a very versatile silhouette that you can dress up with a button up and jeans, wear to the gym, cop some groceries, or actually RUN in as their original intended purpose.

4 No Regret. You won’t regret your purchase. I know the price point of $180 can feel too high for a pair of sneakers especially if you usually don’t like to even spend $100. hopefully you all that have tried these out can comment if this is true for you as well, but it’s a purchase that you will not regret if you were hesitant in spending the $180 on the product. Everyone I have talked to that finally made the purchase has almost always bought a 2nd pair because they were so satisfied with the product. After you wear these for a week, try putting on 1 other shoe and 1 ultra boost at the same time, and feel the difference, was I right? Worth it huh.

3 Primeknit upper –Although the fundamental different between 1.0 – 4.0 is the Primeknit upper pattern and colors, the PK material should be celebrated. It is stretchy and breathable, soft and durable. Some may have not been a fan of the 2.0 or 3.0 pattern, but I like the 4.0 pattern as the toe box pattern reminds me of the 1.0.

2 Availability – while some colorways are limited, there are many colorways that are readily available right now in stock in full size runs at Adidas that I will link in the description. Having a good selection available gives the consumer some great options to work with. This colorway is perfect to me since it is Black / white, and can pretty much go with anything. I also love the all white colorway for Summer time coming up! The 3M one POPS when the light hits it. The fact these are on shelves and in stock is a GREAT move by Adidas so many people can experience what consumers like myself has been raving about for 5 years.

1 – If comfort is king, then call them Ultra Boost. This is a shoe that you can wear for all day comfort. Take these on vacation, from the streets of NYC, through the Las Vegas lights, or the insane crowds at Disney World, the Ultra Boost is the perfect commuter shoe. The full length boost midsole has just the right proportions of boost in the heel and forefoot to ensure a comfortable and pillow felt ride. They are also very responsive, something not mentioned enough.

In summary – Primeknit upper, boost midsole, continetnal rubber outsole, makes for an outstanding top tier sneaker for every day consumtion. This model is literally the perfect shoe for spring and summer! If you have tried boost in other models, just know, not all Boost is created equal. An NMD, although very comfy, is still not the same as an Ultra Boost. I highly recommend purchasing one of these if you havn’t tried them out yet.

What do you guys think though, anyone going to give them a try?
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